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Artwork Terms and Conditions

There are no restrictions on how many handmade projects* can be sold when made using the artwork from My Craft Studio CD-ROMs or Designer’s Directory USBs.

There is no restriction on where handmade projects can be sold. Permission is given to sell projects online, at craft fairs, in local shops, on market stalls and other appropriate venues.

Projects include, but are not limited to, cards, stationery, gifts, home decor, clothing decorated using printed fabric or fabric transfer sheets and altered art projects.

Permission is given for designs to be transferred and cut out using electronic cutting machines. These items can then be sold within the permissions of this Angel Policy.

Printing and selling sheets or designs from our artwork collections without them being creatively amended using the functions of the My Craft Studio graphics program is not permitted.

If you create a design yourself using any artwork from within an MCS USB or download you may print these on a home printer only (they must not be printed professionally or at any professional printing facility) these may be sold. Mass production is strictly forbidden. No designs of any kind may be sold digitally.

Creating craft kits for workshops is permitted but bulk selling of the designs used in the workshop is not permitted.

* An item that may be sold under this Angel Policy is considered to be a ‘project’ when it has been handmade or hand finished.

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to check the angel policy when using images other than those provided by My Craft Studio to create projects for sale.

All artwork on My Craft Studio USBs is created under our own license, is for personal, small scale use only and is not transferrable to any business or other commercial organisation by the person purchasing the USB or download. If you are interested in a commercial licence for our artwork, please contact us on with an indication of how much you expect to use, and how you wish to use them.

Please note, any licenced products will have their own angel policies.